Fire-proof protection of steel constructions

Fire-proof and anti-corrosion protection of steel constructions

We coat steel constructions with fireproof paint at the construction site. We fireproof steel using the highest quality paints: Steelguard, Flame Stal, Akzo Nobel Sigma Coatings and many others.

We secure constructions up to R 30, R 60, R 90, R 120 and R 240 levels (fire protection plates).

We have valid certificates issued by paint manufacturers, necessary to perform this type of work.

We issue relevant certificates honored by the Fire Brigade. We provide long-term guarantees.

In addition, we cooperate with other companies specializing in the fire protection of facilities.

Fire proofing of wooden structures

Fire proofing of wooden structures

Our service offer includes also fire-proofing of wooden constructions.

Fire protection is an area where we have enormous expertise. We can protect the wooden elements of buildings according to the highest level of Euroclass "B" and NRO.

In our work we use both Uniepal-Drew Special FR, Uniepal-Drew Aqua Color 1 K, FireSmart fire protection, FireBlock EU FireBlock 2010 fireproof coatings and the Burnblock and Fobos M4 salt formulations.

We also have valid certificates issued by paint manufacturers, necessary to perform this type of work. We issue relevant certificates honored by the Fire Brigade and we provide long-term guarantees.


Fire proofing of public buildings

Fire proofing of public buildings

We offer fireproofing service consisting of spraying flammable surfaces (fabrics, carpets, curtains, carpet, wood, paper, cardboard) with modern sealants and fire-retarding coatings such as: Burnblock, Uniepal-Drew Special FR, Uniepal-Drew Aqua Color 1- K, Fire Smart or Expander.

Fireproofing is applicable wherever flammable parts of the building, which do not have any non-flammability approvals, need to be fire-proofed.

Our offer is directed mainly at locations where legal regulations require the use of fire protection while at the same time emphasizing the harmlessness and non-toxicity of the means used.

We use professional hydrodynamic devices for applying fire-proofing sealants. This method allows for 4 times faster surface coverage while saving the sealing formula.

Thanks to the use of spraying devices, fireproof sealing and coating proceeds quickly, efficiently and accurately.

We offer anti-corrosion or fire protection (fireproofing of flammable materials) in such buildings as:

  • Kindergartens
  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • Theatres
  • Hotels
  • Shopping centers
  • Conference centers
  • Public administration buildings

The fireproof sealing is confirmed by an appropriate certificate which contains, among others, such data as:

  • place where the sealant was applied,
  • type and quantity of sealed materials (in m² or m³),
  • the name of the medium producer,
  • relevant certificates of approval of the medium,
  • date of guarantee and warranty period.
Fire proofing of installation culverts

Fire proofing of installation culverts

Recently we have been specializing in fireproofing of installation culverts. We secure pipe, electric cable and mixed installation culverts up to the EI 240 level (in the case of flammable pipes).

We use materials such as:

  • fireproof collars and bands
  • fireproof cassettes
  • fire retardant masses
  • mineral wool
  • fire protection plates
  • cable trays

Also in this area we use the highest quality materials from such companies as Promat, Alfaseal or Essve.



Our offer includes also varnishing of all elements made of wood.

We varnish:

  • floors,
  • woodwork,
  • stairs,
  • ceilings,
  • handrails,
  • doors,
  • window frames,
  • etc.

Before applying coating, we prepare the surface properly by roughing or peeling off the previous varnish coat.

We varnish by hand and using hydrodynamic sets.

Anticorrosive painting of steel

Anticorrosive painting of steel

Anticorrosive painting is one of our main specialties. We know how to properly prepare the substrate (sandblasting, grinding, shot-blasting, degreasing) so that it meets all the required European standards (ISO 8504: 1992 (E); ISO 8501-1: 1988 (E); ISO 8501-2: 1994 (E), SIS 05 59 00 (1967) and many others).

We paint with one and two-component paints. We cooperate with leading paint manufacturers. All works are carried out in accordance with Polish Standards PN-ISO 8501-1 PN-ISO 8501-2.

We protect, among others, such objects as:

  • halls
  • bridges
  • chimneys
  • silos
  • overpassess
  • pipelines
  • steel constructions
  • and many others.  
Work at height services

Work at height services

The development of heavy industry, construction, oil processing market, and the increasing use of wind turbines has increased the demand for high-altitude work using rope access.

We are aware that the demand for such services is constantly increasing, which is why we have rope access technicians in our team who have extensive experience in this field.

Each rope access technician or paintwork inspector has been cleared for working at heights, has health and safety training, first aid training for BLS and qualifications confirmed by OTDL or IRATA training institutions.

Our offer includes:

Painting of:

  • steel constructions
  • roofs
  • reinforced concrete structures
  • walls, facades, sidings
  • tanks, chimneys
  • antennas
  • etc.

Washing and cleaning of:

  • windows
  • industrial halls
  • walls, facades, sidings
  • roofs
  • roof gutters

Assembly and dismantling of:

  • steel constructions
  • brick chimneys
  • evacuation ladders
  • drain gutters
  • lighting
  • bridges
  • halls
  • etc.
Steel sandblasting

Steel sandblasting

Pressure sand blasting is one of the most effective methods of removing rust, dirt and old paint coatings. We sand both metal and concrete substrates. If necessary, we use tents to protect steel structures and the environment from splinters and to reduce dust

We offer sandblasting of:

  • silos
  • tanks
  • tank trucks
  • steel constructions
  • trailers
  • chassis
  • wood
  • concrete
  • stone
  • etc.
Technical consulting/ Inspections

Technical consulting/ Inspections

Our wide range of services includes also technical consulting in the fields of:

  • proper preparation of surfaces for painting (sanding, cleaning, desalination, etc.)
  • selection of the right painting systems
  • paint application
  • checking the coating thickness on an ongoing basis (WFT and DFT)
  • final acceptance of coatings and preparation of technical documentation

The tests of surface preparation for painting, quality of paint layers and their thickness are carried out in accordance with the latest applicable standards.

Below there are the standards we most commonly use during the inspection:

  • ISO 8501-1 – for preparing the surface for painting providing the appropriate cleanness class (Sa 2, Sa 2 ½; Sa 3 and St2, St 3)
  • ISO 8501-2 for preparation of painting surfaces where paint coatings have been previously applied
  • ISO 8503 – for defining the appropriate roughness of steel
  • ISO 8502-2:3 – to test the surface salinity
  • ISO 8502-6 – Bessel’s method – testing the surface salinity
  • ISO 2409 and ISO 4624 – Cross Cut test and Pull-off test, designed to define the strength of paint adhesion to a surface
  • ISO 2808 and ISO 19840 – for testing the thickness of paint layer (WFT and DFT)
  • ASTM D562 - to find breaks/losses in paint coatings

and many other standards, which are used depending on the needs of the project.

Please feel free to consult us at any time! We will answer all your questions.