Below there is a gallery of some of our projects.

We believe that year by year this list continues to get longer, while the level of satisfaction of our customers remains at the highest level.

That is the mission and the aim of our company!

GRIPEN Hall - Kartoszyno

We started year 2016 with the fire-protection of steel elements of the GRIPEN hall in Kartoszyno.

The work consisted of painting the drainage channels and troughs.

Materials below the painted elements, which could not be removed due to the ongoing production, were an obstacle in the works.

Realization of this order required the use of high altitude working safety harness, which extended the painting time.

The whole process ended successfully! ;)

Silo bearing structures - Kiełpiny

In September 2015 we had the opportunity to perform a non-standard type of protection based on painting the bearing structures for grain silos in Kiełpiny near Wolsztyn.

The work required very high precision and accuracy.

The steel structure we painted had to be insulated to prevent contamination of other elements of the silo.

The end result was very carefully constructed supporting structure that visibly stood out against the background of silos.

"NEPTUN" Shopping Mall - Starogard Gdański

We started 2015 with protecting the steel structure of the front facade of the "NEPTUN" shopping mall in Starogard Gdański.

Due to the complexity of the construction, the work was very hard. In addition, weather conditions did not favor us (the wind tore our tarps).

Eventually, we reached the required goal and completed the work.

Stockholm - Apartment Building

In July 2014, we received an offer from the Swedish company NCC to paint the façade of a residential building in Stockholm.

The weather was excellent. For 7 days there was not a single drop of rain, thanks to which our work was completed on time.

Biomass storage facility - Ełk

In mid-2014, we received an offer to coat the biomass storage facility at the sewage treatment plant in Nowa Wieś Ełcka with an anti-corrosive paint.

The work lasted 45 days due to the very large painting area of 11,000 m2.


"TESCO" market - Szczecin

In April 2014, we had the opportunity to fire-proof the "TESCO" shopping center to the R-30 level in Szczecin.

All work was carried out without any problems, which resulted in the timely execution of the order. 

Ostrołęka - OBI

We started the year 2014 with fireproofing the "OBI" store at the Bursztynowa Gallery in Ostrołęka.

The scope of our work included painting of two separate halls (OBI market, OBI garden) with a total area of 4,500 m2.

During the implementation of this order, weather conditions were not favorable for us, however the entire order was completed on time.

PKN ORLEN gas station - Wieszowa

In the whole range of orders we carried out, we couldn’t miss the opportunity for fire-proofing the station of the largest Polish gas tycoon, the "PKN ORLEN".

At the end of 2013, we fire-proofed the roof construction elements of the gas station in Wieszowa.

The weather conditions were not favorable, but nevertheless, the entire order was fully implemented :)

Chojnice - OBI

At the turn of May and June 2013 we were entrusted with the task of fire-proofing elements of the steel structure of the entire "Brama Pomorza" building in Chojnice.

The works included painting of three separate halls (gallery, OBI market, OBI garden) with a total area of 9,500 m2.

We were favored by weather conditions while performing this order, which resulted in the timely completion of works!

Wzgórze Shopping Mall - Gdynia

Painting works took place at the turn of January and February 2013.

Our task was to paint lattice girders in the sales rooms and around the main skylight of the Gallery.

Our main obstacle at the time was the low temperature with which we had to struggle every day, but finally we achieved the goal :)

"Fimal" storage hall - Słupsk

At the turn of September and November 2012, we had the opportunity to protect the warehouse hall of the company "Fimal" in Słupsk at the level of R-30.

The total area of steel elements to be painted was 2500 m2. Thickness of 990 microns.

We painted in the rainy months therefore we were often forced to stop working.

As a result, all works were delayed by as much as three weeks.

In the final phase, each of us quietly prayed for good weather and the completion of the work.

We finished on November 17th.

Everyone, including the owner, breathed a sigh of relief.

Production hall - Przysucha

At the turn of July and August 2012, we provided protection for the newly created clinker production hall for the "Przysucha" company in Przysuchej at the R-30 and R-60 levels.

It is the longest hall that we had the opportunity to paint so far. The total length of the hall is 234 m.

In total, we protected components of steel structure with a total weight of about 100 tons.

Due to the hot weather prevailing in that area, the work cost us a lot of sweat and effort.

An effort that did not go to waste ... ;-) 

"THE PARK" in Warsaw

In June 2012, we provided fire and corrosion protection for constructions of the engine room and the vestibule at the "The Park" facility at Orzechowa Street in Warsaw.

Due to the specific building requirements in this facility, most of the work was done manually, using rollers and brushes, without the use of pumps.

It was nice to return to the old painting methods ... :-)

Gates at the A2 motorway

In May 2012, in cooperation with a partner company, we refreshed the anti-corrosion protection of the roof structure coatings on the A2 motorway gate in Stryków.

Walking under a heated roof at an altitude of 8 meters was not the most pleasant experience.

We were very tired, but after 2 days we achieved our goal.

We removed all coating defects by re-painting them with primer and topcoat paint.

Sports hall in Konstancin-Jeziorna

In May 2012, we had the opportunity to secure the steel structure of the roof of the sports hall of the Primary School No. 3 in Konstancin-Jeziorna.

The whole work consisted in securing the steel structure up to the level of R-15.

Although 30 degrees of heat accompanied us almost every day, we finished securing the construction after 10 days of work.

Poleczki Business Park in Warsaw

In September this year we fire-proofed the steel structure of the engine room in the buildings of Poleczki Business Park in Warsaw.

The work consisted of securing the engine room structure up to the R 30 level. We used a complete system of 3 paints together with the application of a suitable primer paint.

Due to very frequent rainfall and relatively low temperature for this time of the year, we often had to interrupt the work, which significantly delayed the commissioning date of the construction.

Of course, it wasn’t what we hoped for, but eventually, after many hardships we did it!

Mercedes Showroom in Rybnik

At the turn of August and October 2011 we fire-proofed the steel structure of the newly opened Mercedes showroom near Rybnik.

The work consisted of painting a steel roof structure with polyurethane topcoat paint.

The total area to be painted was 2,200 m2.

Because the whole structure was covered, our work was not dependent on weather conditions, and as a result it ran very smoothly.

All the work was done by hand, without the use of hydrodynamic pumps.

Whew ... There was a lot of work, but eventually we did it ;-)